C1net host Sixth Form Summer Studentships 2017

Published on 03/07/18 in Outreach

Sixth form summer placements at the SBRC- Nottingham, supervised by C1net member Dr Sam Bryan

26th – 30th June. Simon Gibson-Leitch from George Spencer Academy, working under Dr Sam Bryan

17th July – September. Rebekah King from Trent College, working with Dr Rajesh Bommareddy in the C. necator gas fermentation laboratory on a gas fermentation project. Dr Sam Bryan will also provide oversight and supervision during the project.  This is part of C1net proof of concept project POC-12-conradie-C1net.

24th July – 4th August. Aleena Rahman from West Bridgford School, working under Dr Sam Bryan​

Simon and Aleena really enjoyed their work experience, both of them worked on ethylene and hydrogen utilizing  cyanobacteria, E.coli and cupriavidus. Covering a range of techniques, my PhD Sean looked after them  and commented on how enthusiastic they both were.  They even manged to get the recombineering to work in E.coli.  Simon even presented his work in our Friday group meeting, Aleena was a little more reluctant, so she just gave us a verbal description. Simon even told me that he would like to come back again next summer, so I was very pleased.  Rebekah also attended the C1net conference in November 2017.