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Become a member of The Carbon Recycling Network: Converting waste derived GHG into chemicals, fuels and animal feed

The Network is funded by the BBSRC and is one of 6 Networks in Industrial Biotechnology and Bioenergy. This new network will not only continue the work done by C1net – gas fermentation, but will promote those aspects of carbon recycling that support the re-use and exploitation of single carbon (C1) greenhouse gases, CO, (CO2 and CH4).  The focus is on gas fermentation, primarily using chemoautotrophs, and seeks to explore the potential of anaerobic digestion (AD) as a gas fermentation feedstock generator.

The Carbon Recycling Network encourages all scientists and stakeholders to apply to join the network. Once a member, you will enjoy the benefits of network activities, be able to apply for funding and help grow the critical mass in this important area of industrial biotechnology and bioengineering. Once your details have been submitted the Management Board will consider your application and let you know the outcome at the earliest opportunity.

  • Network with biological, chemical, mathematics and process engineering specialists
  • Apply for funding and gain critical mass in your field
  • Gain access to useful resources and documentation
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