C1net at Science in the Park 2018

Published on 03/07/18 in Outreach

March 8th-18th 2018 is British Science Week – a celebration of science, technology, engineering and maths across the UK.

This annual event was free to enter and allowed the whole family to enjoy interactive activities and live demonstrations from all branches of Science.  It is estimated that about 5000 attended the event, and at least 200 were engaged by the SBRC/C1net stand manned by C1net members Louise Dynes, Dr Christian Arenas, Jessica Locker and Dr Ying Zhang.

The younger children enjoyed making model bacteria from plasticine and went away with a sticker “I ♥ Microbes” and the message that not all microbes are bad.  Older children were engaged with our new table top poster and model bioreactor demonstration which was used to show how certain types of bacteria to help us make fuels from C1 gases.  This was followed up with “making C1gases” from balloons and molemods” and a worksheets to take home.  The model anaerobic cabinet was also on display where children could wear a lab coat and goggles and try and isolate bacteria (plasticine) using forceps.