C1net Renewable Energy Workshop 2017 – Paulet High School

Published on 04/07/18 in Outreach

As part of the school’s renewable energy topic we ran two sessions of “Game of Fuels” to Years 7 and 8.

On 27th April 2017, C1net members, Louise Dynes, Jacque Minton, Martina Pasini and Nicole Pearcy, presented ‘Game of Fuels’ to around 50 year 7 pupils at Paulet High School, Burton on Trent,  as a fun way of increasing their awareness of biofuels and their importance in meeting future energy demands and combating global climate change. Throughout the game, pupils took on the roles of scientists trying to turn waste materials into their chosen biofuel, whilst being faced with real life political and environmental challenges that either helped or hindered their chances of beating their fellow classmates to the end of the board. Although some of the scientific concepts went beyond their current curriculum, the pupils were enthusiastic and excited to engage in the science whilst playing the game. Out of the 30 completed feedback forms, 100% of pupils reported they enjoyed the game, 90% said they learnt something, and 66% said they would like to learn more about biofuels!