Special Conference “Circular Economy Now”, Royal Society, London


When: 11 July 2018

Where: Royal Society, London

On another searing summer’s day, which served to highlight global warming fears, 73 experts assembled at the Royal Society, London to debate the future of the ‘green’ or ‘circular’ economy in a post-Brexit UK.

Moderated by BBC journalist, Tom Heap, key players from academia, industry and government presented and discussed their visions for the opportunities and new technologies that will accelerate the regenerative economy that is needed to replace the ‘make, use and dispose’ manufacturing systems of the past.  Talks and panel sessions addressed the themes of Resources, Innovation and UK markets.

The UK’s Industrial Strategy was published in late 2017 and outlines 5 foundations of productivity: Ideas, People, Infrastructure, Business environment and Places. The Circular Economy will play a key role in the transformation of the UK’s economy as it supports each of these core foundations. Application of circular economy principals will directly apply to the Grand Challenges of Clean Growth and the Future of Mobility, enabling production of sustainable and competitive products from existing domestic resources.

Assembled by C1net, the network of companies, academics and policy makers focused on utilizing single carbon, waste gases carbon dioxide (CO2), carbon monoxide and methane to make everyday fuels and chemicals, this conference will showcased real opportunities that can support the Industrial Strategy and can be deployed to create revenues and jobs as part of a circular economy in post-Brexit Britain and globally.

Director of C1net, Professor Nigel Minton, said: “Our conference will be a timely and important opportunity for key leaders in industry, research and government to discuss and distill into a strategy, the opportunities for rolling out the ground-breaking zero-waste, carbon-neutral and environment cleansing technologies being developed. These new systems could make a workable, profitable circular economy a reality in the future with the right level of support from all sectors.”

Circular Economy Agenda 2018

Event Highlights