Network Member takes part in ‘I’m a Scientist get me out of here’!

Published on 23/08/19 in Outreach

Online event that brings together scientists based in the UK with students

“I’m a scientist – get me out of here is an online event that brings together scientists based in the UK with students aged 10 – 16. In a competition-style format, students ask questions in live chat sessions . I joined the event for a month because I feel very passionately about science – and not just my own scientific efforts, but also about helping the next generation of young scientists. I was challenged with many great questions – some were about science in general (When will the next ice age happen?”), some were about my project (“How do you make plastics from CO2?”) Perhaps the best one I was asked about my project was from a thirteen-year-old girl from Northern Ireland. She asked me: “It’s great that you make plastics from waste gases and I understand that this is more sustainable, but aren’t plastics bad for our oceans?”  Having one’s own research put into a critical perspective by young students is a fantastic experience that teaches us that even though we may be out of  school, we have never stopped learning from others.”
Author Info: CCnet member – Christian Gude joined the SBRC DTP in 2016. His BBSRC/EPSRC funded project revolves around metabolic engineering of Cupriavidus necator to produce precursors for plastic production from industrial waste gases, such as CO2.