The Carbon Recycling Network at WONDER 2019

Published on 04/07/19 in News


On Saturday 15th June, the University of Nottingham threw its doors open to over 5000 curious minds of all ages for a day of hands-on fun at “Wonder 2019”. This year’s Wonder was particularly exciting, celebrating the 150th anniversary of the Periodic Table of the Elements and providing a brilliant way to showcase some of the awe-inspiring work done on campus with more than 100 activities, talks and events.

SBRC/CCnet’s contribution to day focused on “Carbon” with our own original board game “Game of Fuels”. Thanks to the help of our lab coat-clad volunteers:- Abubaker Madika, Rajan Patel, Jake Yeboah, Joanna Steczynska, Gareth Little, Francois Seys, Andrew Dempster, Amaury Montarnal and Jacque Minton, approximately 224 toddlers, teens and townspeople enjoyed learning about fossil fuels, greenhouse gases, global warming and research into biofuels and low carbon fuels.

Whilst to take-home message varied according to age, it was clear that all had fun. Of the 23 people filling in feedback forms, 100% said that they enjoyed the game and thought that they had learned something new. Many wanted to buy the game and all seemed to appreciate their interactions with our young researchers. We generally felt a good awareness of the need to find fossil fuel alternatives and perceived considerable support for the research being done.

Comments included:-

“Very interesting to learn about this”
“A lovely game”
“Friendly and knowledgeable staff”
“It was a brilliant game, I would do it again”
“I really enjoyed the game, but I want to learn more”
“Well designed to open up conversation, so I learn even more”
“Good for GCSE”
“Great presenter”
“I’d buy it”
“Helpful facilitator”